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Bergamot Oil for Focus, 4 Minute Acupressure & Tapping Protocol

Here's a quick protocol that I've been using. It helps to give a feeling of focus when we have a project to start, a deadline to meet or we ned to focus whilst there is chaos all around. Please note ~ As with most citrus oils, we should dilute them with a carrier oil as they can be photosensitive on our skin.

 10 minute Tapping Sequences 

Tapping to open up the breath:  This tapping sequence focuses on opening up the breath, it’s great for helping with tightness of breath and anxiety around breathing. It's good for everyone, it'll help you to relax and breath more deeply. Also good for anyone who is suffering from the symptoms or anxiety of Covid 19.

** disclaimer, obviously this is in no way a cure or treatment. You should always consult your medical professionals if you are concerned about your health, or are suffering from the symptoms that relate to Covid19

Covid19 Anxiety Tapping Sequence: I created this to help cope with the relentlessness of Covid 19, constant news updates, rising numbers, all the related anxiety and juggle of home working, mothering, cooking.... help is at hand. This really calmed me, in just 10 mins my anxiety dropped right down xx

Tapping at Bedtime:  Letting go of all the worries, home schooling, elderly relatives, finances, scarcity, all the fears. 

**PLEASE REMEMBER to WASH or SANITISE your hands before touching your face!


1. If you are new to EFT, don't worry, just follow me, copy the tapping on yourself and repeat the words out loud (or you can replace with words that resonate with you! ) 

2. Remember to wash or sanitise your hands before touching your face

3. You just need 10 mins, sit comfortably in a chair in a quiet space. Take a few nice deep breaths, and begin xx

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping. This amazing tool is often described as 'acupuncture without needles'. EFT combines the cognitive benefits of therapy with the physical benefits of acupressure to release trapped pain & trauma, restore your energy and heal your emotions.

By tapping on key meridian end points in the body we send signals back to the brain to tell the body it's safe, this reduces the stress hormones (cortisol & adrenaline) almost instantly.