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Launching Baby Reiki Clinic

Posted on 28 March, 2014 at 10:25 Comments comments (1)

Things are getting busy here at East Dulwich Reiki. In the past month I seem to be finding lots of cranky babies and tired, stressed out Mums on my path. The good news is that Reiki can really help.

I'm running a Reiki Baby Clinic at the Vale Practice near East Dulwich Station. Please do pop along and see what Reiki can do for you...


Every Tuesday 10-12pm


Drop in Reiki Baby Clinic:  Pop in for a Free Consultation        

Treatments start at £20 for 20 mins


Becoming a mother is a wonderful, special time in a woman’s life. Often it can be a time of anxiety as well as happiness. Reiki can help to maintain balance, bringing calm and restoring self-confidence to support you on this amazing journey. Reiki treatments can help to sooth all manner of New Mum & Baby symptoms. (Home visits are also available ~ please contact me to arrange)




They can respond very quickly as they do not have the emotional and energy blocks that we build up as we develop into adults.


A baby can be treated for a short period of time, just 20 mins can make a huge difference.


If your baby prefers to stay close to you, rather than being held by the practitioner, a treatment can easily be given whilst breastfeeding. Reiki can help with colic, reflux, sleep patterns and fractious behaviour.

So if this relates to you, or you know someone who might benefit, please do pass on the Reiki Baby news!


The Sun is Out!

Posted on 14 March, 2014 at 8:20 Comments comments (0)

Sunshine has the most amazing feel good power, see if you can raise your face to the sun today...

Things are hotting up at East Dulwich Reiki, I am seeing more and more new clients who are spreading the word, Thank you, and Yippee! I have some evening appts free in the forthcoming weeks, and I do also treat on Satrurdays mornings. 

Please do get in touch if you'd like your own special moment of healing, chakra balancing, deep relaxation...


Bring on the Brave!

Posted on 4 March, 2014 at 16:55 Comments comments (0)

Change isn't easy, it can throw up a whole bag of worry, fear, reluctance... even anger

But without change, we cannot grow into the people we are destined to become. Reiki can support us through change, helping to restore & maintain a sense of calm and balance, enabling us to take the steps, the necessary next steps, that we know deep down we need to take.

I have seen several clients bound forth with brave decisions, taking positive action towards reaching their desired goals, well done to all. Bring on the brave!



New Year, Half Price 2nd Treatment Offer

Posted on 22 January, 2014 at 8:10 Comments comments (0)

‘January, February… new start, fresh perspective, keep on track  ~ Get your second treatment half price…’


We’ve welcomed in the New Year, we’re cold but happy and I don’t know about you but my detox ended in a chocolate cake day…

As well as fixing aches and pains, Reiki can help us to stay on the path to achieving our goals. Yes, we might have a day where we fall back into negative patterns, but with a bit of support and self awareness, we can forgive ourselves and pick up the good habits once again.

I do have luscious chocolaty cakey days, but I also have superbly healthy days, hot water and lemon, salads, grilled salmon and quinoa... Its all about balance, for which, Reiki is perfect.

Just one session can restore calm and balance, it will also start to unravel your patterns and get to the root of self limiting beliefs.

For all new clients who book their first session by the end of February, you will receive the second session for half price. This is a great opportunity to support yourself and feel better!

It’s perfect if the treatments are 2-3 weeks apart for maximum benefits to you, your well being, and any issues you wish to work on.

What better way to continue your fabulous start to 2014?

Happy New Year & Reiki Tuesdays

Posted on 8 January, 2014 at 6:20 Comments comments (0)

The Tree is down, the girls are back to school...


Tuesday evening, as the pitter patter of this constant rain serenades me in my Reiki Loft.


Back to my trusty treatment couch after a lovely break. Not that I require a break from Reiki, its the lightest, most peaceful part of my day. If everyone could have a session just once a month, this city could be a brighter place.


Which leads me to my New Years Gift, Reiki Tuesdays.... Treatments for those truly in need, on a donation basis. I'll keep 2 slots free for these sessions every Tuesday, one daytime and one evening. Please contact me if you know of any worthy candidates or are interested for yourself  (I'll need to have a preliminary chat with prospective clients to assess their needs etc).


There, now we can all feel better!

Reiki love and blessings,

Festive Gifts

Posted on 6 December, 2013 at 17:00 Comments comments (0)

‘Tis the Season to Give, Love and Keep Warm


I have a freshly printed pile of luxurious Reiki Gift Certificates just waiting to be posted out to your loved ones.


As a seasonal gift to all I have discounted my treatment prices, a one hour treatment would normally cost £45, but the Gift Card price is £35.


Don’t ask! Reiki is flowing amazingly well these days, I have some very happy clients and I feel a festive spirit of generosity…


I can treat clients either at the Vale Practice on Grove Vale just by East Dulwich Station, or in my Reiki Loft, Ivydale Road SE15.


Just email me or give me a call to secure your certificate, when they run out, they run out!


For further details about me, what Reiki is and what it can do for you and yours, have a peep at my website, or contact me for a preliminary consultation.


Wishing you a fabulous December,





Water Healing, Easy Tip

Posted on 3 December, 2013 at 17:35 Comments comments (0)

I've been feeling bright and connected all month, due to a new tried and liked notion. Place a crystal in the bottom of your water filter jug. Thats right, just drop the crystal into the bottom of the jug, where all the filtered water sits, and drink, drink drink to your hearts content.

Crystals have purifying and healing energies, how perfect to just let them work good energy into the water that we all ingest. What a great idea? I've been using a Lithium Quartz Point, which has a calming effect, it reduces tension, stress and aggression. It soothes and can help with anxiety and depression. Next month I'm going to try natural Apophyllite Pyramid, which enhances our connection to the divine, helps to deepen our meditation practice and intuition skills. It also has a healing effect, helping to regulate bodily functions and improve memory... Watch this space

Reiki at The Vale Practice

Posted on 18 November, 2013 at 11:30 Comments comments (0)

New Treatment Rooms ~


I am delighted to be offering treatments to my clients at the Vale Practice in East Dulwich. Its on Grove Vale (no 64) just down the road from East Dulwich Station, give them a call on 0208 299 9798 for appointments or more info



Some Reiki A Day, Keeps the Colds Away...

Posted on 4 November, 2013 at 16:55 Comments comments (0)

As a Reiki II Practitioner, I do a self healing Reiki treatment on myself most days.  This is part of the Reiki way, it has many benefits and is a vital part of how I keep my channels clear and pure for passing this wonderful energy through to my clients. And I was just charting the fact that since I started self treating in Feb of this year, I haven't been ill once! Not once, despite my 2 kids having numerous coughs and colds.... Bravo, this Reiki way of life is just amazing....

New Location for Treatments...

Posted on 15 October, 2013 at 11:30 Comments comments (0)

I am delighted to announce that I will be treating clients at Mothers Inc on Forest Hill Rd. They have onsite child care which is a delight for us busy Mums!

Here's a link, you can call them direct to book an appointment, they also do fabulous massages and beauty care. For the month of October, there's a 15% discount on your 1st Reiki booking...