East Dulwich Reiki

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Being a Reiki virgin I found Anja warm, calm and confident. The treatments were deeply relaxing and I left feeling centered and more able to face certain situations. I would recommend Reiki with Anja to anyone who needs not just healing but a moment of calm or some precious time to yourself.

                      ~ Kathryn, East Dulwich

I have nothing but good things to say about Anja. She is warm, friendly and has an air of calm that helps put you immediately at ease, plus she has created a welcoming, tranquil space where you can shut the world out and fully relax. For me, the treatments have provided a much-needed break from a busy, often stressful and frantic life taking care of a disabled child. But more than simply an hour of quiet, they have left me feeling calmer and freer than when I arrived. With her Reiki Anja helps clear away negativity and sadness and restore peace and balance. She offers a non-judgemental listening ear and has helped me feel much better about life.


                                                                                                               ~ Emma, Mum & Journalist, Peckham

Anja has the rare gift of being a very pure vessel transmitting this energy which means you can relax fully into the treatment knowing that what needs to be done will be done. Anja has a beautiful balance of confidence and nurturing and a keen intuition which makes for a deeply powerful and healing experience. I would highly recommend Reiki with Anja to anybody with a specific health condition, for stress relief and relaxation or for a deepening of their spiritual journey.

                                                                                                           ~ Francine, Reflexologist, East Dulwich

Anja, you have created a tranquil getaway, a place of peace in which I began to inwardly heal. My treatment left me feeling both relaxed and energised. Thank you.

                                                                                                               ~ Jill, Brockley, SE London