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I met with Anja for an EFT session. I am quite familiar with this modality, but Anja brought a whole new dimension to the process for me. With sweet inquiry, she teased out of me the issue that needed addressing and we tenderly worked through together. She gives practical language to help understand the situation more fully. 

But perhaps what cannot be put into words so easily, is how precious it feels to be supported by Anja. The experience is everything! She has a deeply intuitive quality and somehow, almost as if by osmosis, understands, giving words to unspoken issues with such gentle grace. 

What a joy to have found this precious teacher and healer!! Go! Experience her grace and wisdom.

Amelia Adrian @thearomayogini

I recently had my first session of EFT tapping therapy at Anja’s wonderful treatment space which had a peaceful relaxed feel and also smelt amazing. We went through the theory behind EFT and she told me what to expect from the session.

Throughout the session we tackled the anxieties that were bothering me and I felt safe and confident with Anja guiding me through the session - I was able to voice and confront some negative emotions that I had only thought to myself before . 

When we started off the session, I gave a 9 out of 10 on the scale of how anxious/irritated I felt and after the 45 minutes session I left feeling happy and energised with an anxiety rating of zero! 

I left with tips for practising the therapy myself any time anxieties arose. Anja is really good at what she does and a warm person who cares - I am looking forward to meeting up with her again. Thanks Anja !

Sarah, Forest Hill

Anja is an incredibly intuitive reiki practitioner who works with skill and confidence. I've also worked with Anja over a number of months on EFT and have come to really appreciate her kindness and compassion, and amazing ability to understand and offer help. 

 I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Jo, East Dulwich

I saw Anja for an EFT session during a stressful week. I was immediately comfortable and able to share my worries - she demonstrated such tremendous empathy, kindness and positivity throughout the session. 

Anja taught me strategies for dealing with stress using the EFT method which I have been using on a daily basis ever since. She is fantastic at what she does and I highly recommend her.

Debbie, New Cross

I first met Anja when I booked a Reiki appointment at Dulwich Therapy Rooms - it has been the best random meeting of the year. Anja put me at ease instantly and as we discussed why I needed balancing she suggested EFT which I am now doing with her, it has literally changed my life - my anxiety and depression are more manageable that I could have ever imagined. 

Anja’s compassion and understanding and warm nature make her such a pleasure to be around and I am so thankful to her.

Karen - East Dulwich

"I nipped in for a Reiki appointment in amongst a very hectic and stressful week. I’m so glad I did. Anja couldn’t have been lovelier and more understanding. And the treatment she gave me was so transformative and made me feel grounded and energised xx"

Clemmie Telford, Instagram Influencer, Mother of all Lists

"As a clinical psychologist with a scientific mind Reiki was not a feature of my old approach to self-care and wellbeing. However, I was intrigued about the role of Reiki in this and liking having new experiences. It is hard to find the words to describe the effect but I am without a doubt that my sessions with Anja have benefitted my mind and body. Her warm, calm and compassionate style is lovely and, for me, has been an important part of the experience. I am hugely grateful."

Lucy, Clinical Psychologist

"I loved my introductory session with Anja, and felt instantly welcomed into her beautiful, soothing reiki space. Anja has a warm and grounding energy, and having arrived a little depleted and in search of some balancing and knowledge on which parts of my life and chakras to restore, I left feeling deeply rested, seen and sure of where to take my inner work. I'm very much looking forward to working with Anja as a regular balancing routine in my life as a yoga teacher and can't wait to experience more of her generous, loving approach to reiki. Thank you kindly!"

Ellie, Yoga Teacher

"I have nothing but good things to say about Anja. She is warm, friendly and has an air of calm that helps put you immediately at ease, plus she has created a welcoming, tranquil space where you can shut the world out and fully relax. For me, the treatments have provided a much-needed break from a busy, often stressful and frantic life taking care of a disabled child. But more than simply an hour of quiet, they have left me feeling calmer and freer than when I arrived. With her Reiki Anja helps clear away negativity and sadness and restore peace and balance. She offers a non-judgemental listening ear and has helped me feel much better about life."


Emma, Mum & Journalist, Peckham

"Being a Reiki virgin I found Anja warm, calm and confident. The treatments were deeply relaxing and I left feeling centered and more able to face certain situations. I would recommend Reiki with Anja to anyone who needs not just healing but a moment of calm or some precious time to yourself."


Kathryn, East Dulwich

"Anja has the rare gift of being a very pure vessel transmitting this energy which means you can relax fully into the treatment knowing that what needs to be done will be done. Anja has a beautiful balance of confidence and nurturing and a keen intuition which makes for a deeply powerful and healing experience. I would highly recommend Reiki with Anja to anybody with a specific health condition, for stress relief and relaxation or for a deepening of their spiritual journey."

Francine, Reflexologist, East Dulwich

"Anja, you have created a tranquil getaway, a place of peace in which I began to inwardly heal. My treatment left me feeling both relaxed and energised. Thank you."

Jill, Brockley, SE London