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A Reiki treatment lasts an hour, and is suitable for all. Firstly I will complete a general health & lifestyle questionnaire with you. Then we can start the treatment. The client doesn't have to do anything other than lie down fully clothed and relax on the couch. I will work with my hands in still positions, either resting lightly on or above the body, starting with the head and finishing with the feet. 

It is recommended that you avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior to a treatment (and afterwards for a day or two). After the session it is advisable that you rest, and drink plenty of water.


There’s no need to do anything extra special prior to your session. It can be a good idea to think about what you would like to focus on, but it’s also ok to arrive with a blank canvas and we can see what comes up as we start to do EFT. 

Our one-hour session will begin with me filling out a brief health questionnaire with you and we will discuss any issues that you’d like to work on. I’ll also explain a bit more about what EFT is, and how it works. Once we begin tapping I will tap on myself and you can mirror me. 

Towards the end of the session I’ll give you some self-tapping tips to take away and use for yourself at home

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